Fundamentals of Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing

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In this course you will learn all about Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing.We'll first start with Cloud Computing, where you will learn the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. If you have been looking to move to cloud computing, this course will help you understand the basics. You'll learn how to make your first cloud computing project successful, as well as best practices in security and operations. We'll start with understanding the details of the types of clouds, including infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service, as well as three major deployment models. We'll also get into the details of infrastructure as a service, such as AWS, Amazon Web Services, or Google compute engine. We'll be able to define software as a service, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Office 365. We'll also show you what an infrastructure as a service cloud and a software as a service cloud looks like and how to leverage them today.Finally, we will take a look at how you can leverage cloud computing now, including evaluating applications and data that may be right for the cloud. You'll learn how to create a business case for the cloud, do migration planning, as well as select the cloud provider.  We'll look at security planning for the cloud and best practices in technology associated with cloud operations or CloudOps.Next up,  we'll cover Quantum Computing. Quantum computers could spur the development of new breakthroughs in science, medications to save lives, machine learning methods to diagnose illnesses sooner, materials to make more efficient devices and structures, financial strategies to live well, and much more. We experience the benefits of classical computing every day. However, there are challenges that todays systems will never be able to solve. For problems above a certain size and complexity, we dont have enough computational power on Earth to solve them.To stand a chance at solving some of these problems, we need a new kind of computing. Universal quantum computers leverage the quantum mechanical phenomena of superposition and entanglement to create states that scale exponentially with number of qubits, or quantum bits.In the last section of the course,  you'll learn all about quantum computing and how to apply quantum computing to your own (and your organization's) outlook for the future. Learn what quantum computing is and details its applications, opportunities, and risks.


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